THE FLYING SEAGULL PROJECT works in association with charities, schools, and care centres across Romania, Ghana and the UK.

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The FSP visit orphanages, hospitals, gypsy communities, the rural poor, care homes, schools, youth clubs, the homeless and the elderly to engage in arts, music and crafts workshops, music lessons, dance, circus shows and clown doctoring.

“The Flying Seagulls are the one stop shop for madness, energy and fun that creates an unforgettable experience for the whole family. A truly magical, wildly imaginative kid’s area”

Performing from ‘Rosie’ our very own traditionally painted gypsy show wagon, and work-shopping in our beautiful Raj pavilion the Flying Seagulls mix of showmanship and family fun will have everyone entertained, amused and inspired all day! A warning to the crowds, this is no spectator sport! Everyone and we mean everyone gets involved throughout! With high energy music jams, outrageous circus sessions, and the knee trembling highwire challenge, it’s a roller coaster of total ’round-the-bend-ness’.

Basically we’re all you need to give any event kids area that thing you can’t quite put your finger on, the sparkle, the bit that makes the kids know something different and quite wonderful is going on!


janettaphoto.com-20_wFrom helping us with accounts, to riding your bike in our ‘Brighton to Bucharest’ challenge, there are  hundreds of ways you can contribute to our mission for global happiness! Whether you can spare an hour a month or a year, every moment you can join us for is valuable and appreciated.

We’re not just talking about donning a wig and clowning. We need mechanics, book keepers, prop builders, fundraisers, PR gurus and everything in between.

jg-logoinfo@theflyingseagullproject.com Registered Charity NO.1152433

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Rise N Shine is back, and with a wonderful twist!


The Flying Seagull Projects’ Rise N Shine is back, and with a wonderful twist!

This two part event will feature the Mad-hatters Tea Party throughout the afternoon, followed by a more raucus Queen of Hearts Party at the Palace in the evening.


Madhatters Tea Party : 12-4, £5 per adult kids go free.


Queen Of Hearts Party At The Palace : 8-late, £5 early bird, £7 otd

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