The FSP visit orphanages, hospitals, gypsy communities, the rural poor, care homes, schools, youth clubs, the homeless and the elderly to engage in arts, music and crafts workshops, music lessons, dance, circus shows and clown doctoring.

With the help of wonderful people like you in just 8 years, we have spread love, light and laughter to more than 60,000 children and vulnerable communities worldwide!

11155096_812382725499375_3272787414193746903_oWe’re not just talking about donning a wig and clowning. We need mechanics, book keepers, prop builders, fundraisers, PR gurus and everything in between.

HOW YOU CAN HELP From helping us with accounts, to riding your bike in our ‘Brighton to Bucharest’ challenge, there are  hundreds of ways you can contribute to our mission for global happiness! Whether you can spare an hour a month or a year, every moment you can join us for is valuable and appreciated.

The Flying Seagulls are the one stop shop for madness, energy and fun that creates an unforgettable experience for the whole family. A truly magical, wildly imaginative kid’s area for any festival, event or party.


“There was one secure but magical area filled with an array of creative and fun experiences for kids to get involved in. Including gypsy dance offs, tight rope workshops, wakey-wakey morning aerobics, nature trails, balloon-modeling, pizza workshops, face-painting, magic shows and circus performances from the brilliant Flying Seagull Project.  I could go on but it was great for them and a struggle to get them to leave.”

www.mumzine.com on Wilderness Festival 2013

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“We will never forget your visit” – United in Laughter

As part of our United in Laughter project we recently visited a Red Cross Emergency Reception Center in Belgium to bring some laughter to those in need. We had a fantastic time, and judging by the lovely feedback we got, so did everybody else!

On the 6th of April we were delighted to welcome Seagull Ringleader Bash and his two friends for a whole day of festivities in our Red Cross Emergency Reception Center in Weelde (Belgium). We did not know what to expect of this small arts and circus team, but they promised us laughter and fun. Looking back at this wonderful experience, it is clear to say that they delivered much more. Bash and his friends were able to put a smile on all the children’s and parent’s faces for a whole day long. The children were captivated by the magic that was used, the music that was played, the circus acts that were shown and the dance moves that were presented. Regardless of all the troubles, all the horrible things they have seen and the harsh situations that they have been through, every child was able to laugh and love.    

We will never forget your visit.

Sem Erkens, Belgian Red Cross.


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